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29 May 2011

Spätzle Fail

Remember, that whole 25 by 25 thing I've been working on? And how I'm supposed to try at least one new recipe per month?

The new recipe for May was spätzle. Gary fondly remembers the egg noodle dish from his time spent in Germany as a child, but it isn't something that's commonly found in restaurants around here (no, not even the German ones). The last time we had it was at the German pavilion in EPCOT at Disney World. So, I decided to try to make some for him to enjoy here at home!

The recipe I used came from Smitten Kitchen, one of my favorite food blogs.

However... it just didn't turn out that well.

I followed the instructions, I really did. But the noodles came out too mushy, even after browning them up in a pan. Served mixed with mushrooms, green beans, and chicken in a Marsala-ish sauce made them bearable, but only just. PLUS I was left with about as much noodle dough stuck to the counters and the stove and the colander and the pot as made it into our bowls in noodle form. Messy and time-consuming and mushy? No thank you.

I guess if Gary wants spätzle we'll just have to go to Germany for it. Or Disney World.

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