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12 June 2011

Recipe: Purple Smoothie

Or, Playing With Bananas & Blenders

I have been OBSESSED with using bananas as ice cream lately.  You see, bananas get this nice, creamy texture when frozen, plus they have enough natural sugar for easy use in healthy-ish desserts.  Just stick the whole bananas, peel and all, in the freezer and ignore the nasty brown color that their skins will turn (the flesh of the fruit will be just fine).  When you're ready to use them, stick the bananas in the refrigerator for a while to thaw.  If you're making ice cream, they'll need to still be partly frozen when you use them, but if you're making smoothies like these you'll want the fruits to be fairly squishy before you chuck 'em in the blender.

-- blender
-- knife

1 banana, frozen & partially thawed
1 cup frozen blackberries
1 or 2 tbsp semisweet chocolate bits

-- After banana has thawed to desired consistency, use a knife to slice off the skin and cut it into several chunks.
-- Dump all ingredients into the blender together; stir a bit to mix up.
-- Blend until smooth.

-- Try different fruits that go well with bananas, like pineapples, mangoes, or strawberries.
-- Other flavors like vanilla extract, coconut shreds, mint, or even lime juice would do well too.
-- I imagine a hazelnut spread such as Nutella or some creamy Greek-style yogurt could make interesting additions.
-- Including your favorite source of fiber (oats?) or omega 3 fatty acids (hemp oil?) or perhaps a calcium powder could really pump up the health benefits for this little indulgence.


Morgan said...

Mmmmm, like the sound of chocolate bits!

Morgan @

looloolooweez said...

@ Morgan: The chocolate bits are the best part, not gonna lie.

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