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25 December 2011

Holidays at HMNS

The Houston Museum of Natural Science puts up several Christmas trees around this time every year, each of which is uniquely decorated by a community organization. So, today being Christmas and all, I thought it would be fun to post some quick snaps of all of the fun decorations that graced our trees this year.

HMNS Volunteer Guild (1)
Viva la Vida by HMNS Guild
The first tree (and obviously the most awesome tree, ever) is from the HMNS Volunteer Guild. The theme for this year was Viva la Vida, so the Guild put together a tree that showcases all forms of life, starting from the earliest living cellular forms at the bottom and working up to current species at the top...

HMNS Volunteer Guild (3)
Viva la Vida by HMNS Guild

HMNS Volunteer Guild (2)
Viva la Vida by HMNS Guild
... complete with an imminent mass extinction event en route to the dinosaur branches.

The rest of the trees are pretty cool, too, but nothing can compete with the Guild's dinosaur ornaments.

Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas
A Night of Magic: Making Tourette's Syndrome Disappear by the Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas

Equal Exchange
Viva Fair Trade by Equal Exchange

Crossroads School
Out of the Box by Crossroads School Inc.

Girl Scouts
Viva le Tradicion by Girl Scouts of San Jacinto

Ukrainian-American Cultural Club
Viva la Vida Ukrainiana by the Ukrainian-American Cultural Club of Houston

Houston Conchology Society
Preserving and Protecting the Ocean Habitats by the Houston Conchology Society

Mercury Baroque
The Messiah by Mercury Baroque

American Diabetes Association + Junior League
Wishing for a Cure for Diabetes by the American Diabetes Association and the Junior League of Houston

MD Anderson Cancer Center
All You Need is Love by the MD Anderson Cancer Center Children's Art Project

Texas Lions Camp
TLC: Tender Loving Care by Texas Lions Camp (sponsored by the Memorial Lions Club)

HMNS Staff
Viva la Vida by HMNS Staff

Marshall Middle Academy of Fine Arts
Rock Around the Christmas Tree by Marshall Middle Academy of Fine Arts HISD

Beyond Bridges
Viva la Vida: Children with Autism Tree of Life and Love by Beyond Bridges
Well, that's it really. Merry Christmas!

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