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04 March 2012


Spring has sprung. This is what I'll see outside the back door of the library every morning for the next few weeks.

Our public library has its issues with the city overlords... but at least the groundskeeping staff treats us real nice!

 - - -

I did try a new recipe in February: whoopie pies!

But no pictures this time around. These were whoopie pies of fail. The Ugliest Whoopie Pies in the Whole World.

I mean, they tasted just fine. This is the basic recipe that I followed, except that I did some chocolate cake with strawberry frosting and some strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. And also I used a fancy whoopie pie pan, a present from my mother this past Christmas. The pan produced perfectly-shaped little cakes... that I promptly destroyed because I didn't think to let them cool before I cut them and tried to spread frosting on them.

Oh, well. Delicious whoopie pies are still delicious even if they aren't pretty.

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