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19 October 2012

Stitching: Another (Better) Skirt, Simplicity 1807

Finally, it is finished. After lots of frogging (is that an acceptable term in sewing, or is that just a knitting thing?) and starting over, I finally finished my first project with my purdy new sewin' machine.


That's another skirt! Same pattern as last time (Simplicity 1807), but a different version. This one has two layers and is longer -- much longer than I expected, actually.

I learned some new things. Improvement is good, yes?

The most obvious new thing: the French seam!

It looks much neater compared to the first. Both the linen blend and the denim ravel easily, but I didn't know what that meant when I made the first skirt. As you can see, the seams are all terribly messy now. I'm not sure how to fix that yet.

The only edge I didn't enclose was the upper band edge, where the skirts meet the waistband. This would have involved stitching together four thick-ish seams (two on the drawstring casing, and one for each skirt layer) and I just wasn't confident that the needle/foot I had on the machine could handle it. I could have figured out which needle/foot would work for the thick stuff, but by this point in the process I just wanted to be able to wear the damn skirt already.

The drawstring is stitched bias tape instead of ribbon this time. I thought it might be less likely to untie by itself than the shiny ribbon I used before -- and it does stay tied -- but I'm not sure that it is 100% awesome. Maybe something different again next time.

No pocket on this one either. I originally planned on doing one (because, dude, pockets) but I was just tired of this whole thing! Much better to be done for now, so I can move on to a new project, and maybe later a patch pocket can be added on.

I think I'll work on some more mending next. Or maybe some curtains?


Jessica Cangiano said...

Very cute skirt! I really like the blend of classic, tranquil denim and the punchy, cheerful tropical floral print. Terrific juxtaposition of fabrics.

♥ Jessica

looloolooweez said...

Thank you! I do wish that more of the printed underskirt showed when it is actually being worn. Anyway my hope is that this will be a nice warm skirt for cooler weather.

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