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11 November 2012

Lemons. Lots of them.

This harvest:


From one tree.

Last winter we got 85 from this same tree.

The year before that... 3, I think.

Let me say that again:

Four hundred and twenty-four lemons.

I just do not even know what to do.


Selenia said...

Wow that is incredible! They look so refreshing!!

Louise said...

I will resist telling you to have a lemon party...
A friend of mine sent me a recipe for some kind of lemon/garlic chutney thing that I'm not sure I'd ever try (lemons are super expensive here plus I don't want to eat lemon peel from the grocery store that is probably covered in pesticide) but I can send you that if you like.

Selenia said...

That would be wonderful! I'd love that!

looloolooweez said...

Ooooh yes, please do! I love to experiment. Right now I use them for frozen lemonade (a bit chilly for that right now, though), lemon parm pasta, and baked fish. Last year a buddy gave us some Moroccan-style preserved lemons, too.

Louise said...

Here's a link to the recipe she used - I think she might have used a different kind of garlic in hers, but it looks like it's pretty much open to interpretation.

Louise said...

(and by "a different kind of garlic" I mean that she added garlic to hers. 3 or 4 cloves)

looloolooweez said...

Ooooh, that does look yummy! Thanks for sharing it.

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