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25 November 2012

Yet another generic life update

It's that time of year again -- time to think fondly of family, time cover your home/self with sparkly things, time to go on mad shopping sprees, time to get out the sweaters in the hopes that you might actually need them.

I guess that last one might only apply in certain parts of the world. But that's how things are around here.

- - - - -

We went to Arizona to see my husband's parents this week. Not just for Thanksgiving, although there was that, but also for my FIL's 50th birthday. We ate delicious Italian food with lots of friends/family in a room decorated with photos and paintings of various Popes, including a plaster cast of John Paul II in the middle of the table on the Lazy Susan. None of us are Catholic. We did get some photos, but I don't know how much these folks'd like having said photos plastered in public on the Internet, so.

This is what "winter" looks like in a suburb in the Arizona desert.

- - - - -

Changes here in real life: a new car and a new job for Gary.

- - - - -

Possible changes here on the blog: more book-based stuff. Reviews, re-reads, readalongs, and so forth. I feel like this blog has lost its focus, if it ever had one. Oh, sure, there's still that Day Zero thing happening. But other than that it is mostly just a bunch of inane blather. Maybe it is time to fix that.

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