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08 February 2013

Book Review Fangirling: A Memory of Light

First can I just say:


Book 14: A Memory of Light
[That link takes you to the Goodreads page for this book.]

Edited 1/1/2015 to add: This is not really a book review, so the regular star ratings and stuff don't apply. I wrote this post long before I started really blogging about books on a regular basis. I may do a re-read of this series in the future though.


Even though it’s been nearly a month since the book was released -- a month since I dashed down to the bookstore and purchased the first hardback I’ve bought in over a year -- I still find it difficult to fully express all the feels I have about this book.

I don’t know if the ending really could have been any better. No, no, I don’t mean the book was perfect -- after all, after 14 books and 23 years and the death of the original author, how could it be? But I think that it was exactly the end that we needed.

I don’t want to write too much about it here, because I know several people who are still reading, or who are waiting for the ebook release in April, and some of them occasionally read my blog, and I don’t want to spoil this book for them. Besides, other folks have done a much better job of really hashing out the details than I ever could:

Brandon Sanderson's blog on release day: It's finally out.

Non-spoiler review of AMoL from The Thirteenth Depository.

"Dear Robert Jordan": a letter from fan/friend Jason Denzel.

Book review at HuffPo.

Brandon Sanderson's post-AMoL #TorChat on Twitter.

The book printing process at Quad Graphics in Pennsylvania.

Leigh Butler's spoiler-free review at Tor.

Leigh Butler's spoilerific and rather stream of consciousness-y review at Tor.

Part 1 of Tor's WoT: AMoL "re-read" series.

I have to say that I’m not sure about the open-endedness of the ending. Not that I expected some sort of Happily Ever After with a White Picket Fence and 2.5 Children (Per Wife) kind of ending, just... I still have so many questions and there are still so many loose ends and probably none of that will ever be addressed outside the realm of fanfic. In fact, that’s probably exactly what the authors intended.

- - - - - -

Where is a reader to go from here?

There are plenty of other epic fantasies out there, I guess. And, even better, plenty of speculative fiction in general.

I’m moving on the A Song of Ice and Fire series now. A coworker was kind enough to lend me the first season of Game of Thrones and now I feel more compelled than ever to tackle those brick-like books. But now that my commute is taking up a bit more time, I think I’ll be listening to the audio versions instead.

I’ve become more and more interested in YA over the past few years, too, to the point that several items on my to-read list have been pushed back a dozen times or more in favor of some shiney YA thing that I just can’t resist because oh, it’ll only take a couple of days to read. The great thing about YA is that the “genre” stuff is just as (if not more) common and respected as the “literary” stuff.

I have all kinds of reading plans for the coming year, though, plans that don’t necessarily involve SF/F (or at least not only SF/F). More about that in the year-in-review post(s) next month (maybe).

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Selenia said...

I have wanted to read the Wheel of Time series for some time now, and this post has worked to encourage me more! :) And I feel the same, I keep gravitating towards YA so much. I went to check out "The Friday Society" and then saw "The Madman's Daughter" and ended up checking both out. I'll definitely add you on Goodreads! I love reading your reviews!

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