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11 August 2013

Ancient Egypt

My husband gave me a quick little tour of the Houston Museum of Natural Science's new Hall of Ancient Egypt. This exhibit is massive and packed full of all sorts of artifacts. I don't know much about any of it, though, so the following photos are presented mostly without comment.

Cut for 50+ images....

I chose not to take photos of any of the mummies, though there are quite a few. There weren't any signs up about it or anything, but frankly it just seems really disrespectful to take photos of random dead people, even if they are like a bazillion years old.

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Louise said...

I am so glad that you're back! I loved these pics (and the ones of the Renaissance stuff) - I teach ancient and medieval history in an area that gets very little exposure to either.
Also: My brother has moved to Texas. I feel weird about this.

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