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18 March 2014

Book(s) Review | The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

Oh. Em. Gee. Why did it take me so long to get around to reading this series?!?!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Loved it. Practically every piece of it. Loved trying to guess at the mysteries -- who is ___? and what is ___ playing at? and will ___ make another appearance? Loved the plot twists, even when I anticipated them -- though the most important twists were true surprises, which is something I definitely appreciate. The two things that really kicked this series into "favorite" shelf territory are:

1. The really organized magic system and its accompanying religious elements. Which, honestly usually I'm not a fan of too much religion in my fantasy, especially when it feels arbitrarily shoehorned in OR when religious mythology is clumsily alluded to but never directly referenced. But Sanderson managed to avoid those issues. And of course the author is well-known for his sensical magic systems for good reason. (Is "sensical" even a word? I might not actually care.)
2. The obviously well-planned overarching plot. You know how sometimes it's just so obvious that the author maybe wasn't planning much for the future of his/her series? Or how sometimes the 2nd book in a trilogy just feels like filler that could have been better managed? Or how sometimes you stumble across those gaping plot holes and chronological inconsistencies and you wonder how no one noticed this before the final product hit the shelves? Yeah, none of that here.

Funny thing is, I picked up Alloy of Law first. It's sort of a stand-alone book, not really part of the original trilogy even though it is set in the same universe. And I do think it could be read on its own -- no need to be intimately familiar with the Mistborn 'verse. But I'm glad I waited to read the first 3 first. It didn't take me long, anyway; I practically inhaled this series.

I know a book is going on the "favorites" shelf when my immediate reactions upon finishing it are (1) to insist that my spouse read it NOW so we can talk about it and (2) to spend far too much time browsing Tumblr, looking for fellow fans and (3) to immediately go shopping for more stuff from the author.

Mistborn boxed set by Brandon Sanderson| November 2009 | Tor | Hardcover $24.97

Publication information:
Sanderson, Brandon. Mistborn. New York: Tors, 2006. Print.
Sanderson, Brandon. The Well of Ascension. New York: Tor, 2007. Print.
Sanderson, Brandon. The Hero of Ages. New York: Tor, 2008. Print.
Sanderson, Brandon. The Alloy of Law. New York: Tor, 2011. Print.

Purchased for personal collection.


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