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11 March 2014

The home library

I know very few librarians who don't have at least a couple of bookshelves to tend at home. Don't judge the have-nots too harshly. Everyone has their little flaws. Some librarians even speak loudly or look things up on random unverified websites or even play video games instead of reading sometimes. Shocking, I know, but we all must do our best to overcome these little personality quirks.

Anyway, I bring this up because I have finally got around (again) to cataloging (well, "cataloging") my our home library on LibraryThing.

I've used it before, for my MLIS practicum project. I'm a bit sad/embarrassed that the thing has languished, unupdated and probably unused for well over a year now. But I suppose that's what happens when one no longer has the time or inclination to volunteer a full hour and a half away from where one works.

We also finally got another bookshelf. This one is just a smidge nicer than the others and it now resides in our living room. It's meant to be a display space for Gary's growing shell collection (recently acquired carrier shell w/ glass sponge pictured above) as well as an "organic" bookshelf for frequently-used cookbooks, TBR piles, current study material for museum exhibits, guides for the video games du jour, etc.

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