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23 April 2014

A (sewing) room of one's own

My husband has a bee in his metaphorical bonnet. A "building stuff" bee. The sort of bee that just wants to pick up a hammer and construct things.

Yeah, it is unexpected, but what wife is going to look that particular sort of gift horse (um, gift bee?) in the mouth?

So over the past couple of weeks our home has been blessed with a new bookcase and 2 new coffee tables. And lots of random LEGO sets (/sigh). But also:

A new sewing table pour moi!

This little beauty is set up in what was the cat's room. Also known as: the spare room where we just chucked a bunch of random stuff that we didn't know what to do with. Also also known as: the room of doom where out-of-season clothes and photo albums and gift wrapping and broken furniture and shoe boxes go to die under a suffocating layer of cat hair.


Now there are posters on the walls. And a bookshelf for the photo albums and other random bits and bobs. And storage bins and a paper shredder and, yes, my lovely little sewing machine.

Does it look rather small to you? Well, it is all folded up! You can see that the back part of the table (which has a grid for cutting) can be propped up for a full-size tabletop. Plus, the right side swings out into a little side table when you open up the cabinet to make space for your knees.

It's been far too long since I've sewn. I got a little discouraged during my last project and then had to put away the sewing machine + accoutrements (which had been all spread out on the dining table, not a particularly great place) and I just never picked it up again. How silly! It is time for me to face that old project again (on top of several other projects, natch) now that all of my little sewing things have their very own lovely new spot to live in.

Sewing projects:

  1. Finishing up the "Easy, Breezy Blouse" from Brett Bara's Sewing in a Straight Line. This is the project that so discouraged me months ago. The chiffon fabric is MUCH more difficult to work with than I anticipated. And, worse: I sewed an arm seam in the wrong way! Of all the things. Still, the fabric is lovely and the project should otherwise be simple (if I can actually follow instructions this time). I'll be ripping off the sleeve and starting over.
  2. This linen skirt needs quite a bit of repair. This is pretty much the first thing I ever sewed up -- not counting prehistoric Home Ec. things -- before I knew anything about how easily linen twill could unravel and how important fully finished seams could be in such a case. I'm considering completely re-seaming the whole thing, and probably lengthening it in some way as the skirt is just a tad too short for my comfort.
  3. This denim / cotton print skirt (of the same pattern as the purple linen skirt mentioned above, just in a different version) wants some repair as well. This skirt is a bit more wearable, but still too not-my-style! I want to shorten the denim top layer in some way (perhaps adding another ruffle) and add pockets (because I am obsessed with pockets). I've also discovered that the simple bias tape drawstring is just not sturdy enough to hold the dang thing up!
  4. Lots and lots of mending and hemming. I've an entire basket full of things to be fixed up -- and that's not even including my husband's things that need attention, too.

I wonder how long it will take me to finish up everything. What with all of the reading I've got to do, and writing, and all of the other little around-the-house things (photo organization, home library cataloging, financial planning, just... all of it) on top of my regular day job... well, I'm going to bet on it being the end of summer before I've got time to work on some creative new thing. Oh, well, no time like the present to play catch-up I guess!

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