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06 April 2014

Book Review | Splintered by A.G. Howard

Splintered by A.G. Howard | January 2013 | Amulet Books, an imprint of Abe Books | Hardcover $17.95

★ ★

Ehhhhh. Background info, so's to explain my state of mind while reading/ranting about this a little bit: I was sort of assigned to read this & its sequel, except that halfway through Splintered I found out that I was NOT, in fact, required to read it.

First, let me be negative for a minute: This book read like more of an attempt at riding along on the trying-too-hard-to-be-"weird" coattails of the Tim Burtonated version of Alice, rather than a 100% original take on the world of Wonderland.

So many of the little "weird" details just felt affected or cliché.... I've seen other reviews reference Hot Topic, and that's exactly what this book makes me think of -- if this book were a store, it'd be a Hot Topic masquerading as some kind of quirky/gothy/indie haberdashery. Or perhaps the opposite?

(Not that there's necessarily something terribly wrong with Hot Topic; they've got some real fun merch and I'm not 100% ashamed to have shopped there as a kid still shop there. But if you're looking for 1-of-a-kind whimsy, that ain't it.)

And then there's the "love" triangle, complete with 2 douchey dudes and a *~*~virgin~*~* who can't make up her damn mind. The characters read like real teens, which is great! But what little character development we get comes in the form of physical metamorphosis and expository memory retrieval, which is just barely cutting it for me.

TBH, if I hadn't been assigned to read it in the first place, I'd have put it down after the 1st couple of chapters. THAT SAID, I did finish it and speed-read the sequel (Unhinged, the 2nd of a planned trilogy). Because despite all of the eye-rolling (and let me tell you, my extraocular muscles got a freakin' workout), I was totally into the plot. I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next, the answers to all the little mysteries, and I was totally wrong every time. And I really, really like it when a book keeps me guessing.

I dunno... I think I might keep an eye out for future works from this author. Even though this series is not exactly for me (and heck, it wasn't written for my demographic anyway) I can tell that the author knows how to weave a crazy plot.

Publication information:
Howard, A. G. Splintered. New York: Aumlet Books, 2013. Print.

Public library.


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