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01 July 2014

Stitching: Ammonite Tie, Simplicity 4762

Today is my husband's birthday. He works at a science museum and he's required to wear a tie every day. He's gathered quite the collection over the past couple of years. Still, most of his ties are of the abstract pattern variety -- stripes, dots, checks, paisley, and the occasional vague floral. And when one works at a science museum and one's only mode of self-expression through dress is a necktie, well, one wishes for something more... sciencey.

Hence: the Ammonite Tie.

The fabric is a "ditsy" print by Roz Robinson at Spoonflower. I got a couple of yards of the cotton sateen, which worked OK for this project even though it wasn't as silky as I'd hoped. Frankly, it feels... cheap. Which it certainly wasn't. It's too bad, because the ammonite print is so charming. Gary hasn't worn it yet, so we've yet to see how well it does during an average workday.

All told, this thing took me about 4 to 5 hours (not counting a practice run), and I'm a novice. You could probably whip up a tie in no time flat with this pattern (Simplicity 4762) if you've had more experience and are more confident with things like basting or fusible interfacing.

I'm very likely to make another tie and I may order some more fun science-themed prints from Spoonflower artists, but I won't be using this fabric again.

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Debra said...

Great job! Never made one,heard they can be tricky.

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