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10 November 2014

New Texas Wildlife

The Houston Museum of Natural Science recently reopened their Texas wildlife exhibit. The old exhibit was in dire need of some TLC -- one of the dioramas had been so ravaged by moths that it was closed off for at least 3 years and many of the specimens were damaged beyond saving. The new exhibit abandons the "old school" style of neatly lined up, glassed-in shadow box style scenes in favor of something more like the museum's contemporary paleo hall.

The visitors are meant to feel that they are walking through the displays rather than past them, as though they are nearly interacting with the animals. And in some ways it really is an interaction; several of the animals are animatronic and their movements are apparently triggered by viewers passing nearby. It was rather startling at first!

Before we get to the photos, I have to make a few apologies!

First, though it has been about a month since we went to California, I haven't yet posted anything about that particular trip -- a post or two on this subject should be up soon.

Second, most of the photos I took in this new exhibit were so blurry as to be completely unusable, and though I did my best to sharpen them up, the photos below really aren't top quality. I don't know if there was something on my lens or if I just had the shakes from too much coffee or what.

Third, it has been several years since I studied much about Texas flora and fauna, so I'm afraid the pictures will have to go uncaptioned this time around. If you want to know more about some of the animals featured here, see my post on the old exhibit (many specimens were "recycled" for this exhibit update).

Enough blather -- now for a few photos!


Julie S. said...

Ooh I haven't been to the museum in a while now and those are lovely photos!

Louise said...

They also have a couple of small shark tanks and the new Samurai exhibit is supposed to be great (haven't see that one yet, though).

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