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11 March 2015

Fond Farewell to a Noble Steed

I found out this week that Karmit was totalled.

Karmit was my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid. I named him Karmit (Car-mit) for obvious reasons....

Yes, I 100% fell
for Muppet marketing.
No regrets.
I was rear-ended on the highway in late February of this year. I was lucky in 3 ways. First, I was not really injured. Minorly bruised ribs due to proper seatbelt usage hardly counts as injury. Second, I did not hit the car in front of me, causing a chain reaction of rear-ends. (Although now I'm picturing some sort of chain reaction of butts, which is far more amusing than what actually happened.) I veered off into the grass, so there were only 2 vehicles involved in this accident. The third lucky thing, obviously, is that the accident was not my fault -- and the other driver had insurance.

This was the last I saw of Karmit.

I admit that I cried when my husband told me that the collision center declared Karmit a total loss. It's kind of silly, but I was super attached to my Escape. He was only my second vehicle, the first (Fred) being an older (but safe, sort of fun, and begrudgingly beloved) hand-me-down from my mother. Karmit served me well for almost 8 years.

He was a good car.

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