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05 July 2015

House Hunting

We're hoping to buy a house in the near future. It's been a little bit of an adventure so far.

We got prequalified and found a real estate agent at the end of June and started researching all the stuff we'll need to know to find, purchase, and maintain a house.

We have only a few "needs" (things we can't compromise on) but they're very specific....
  1. Location: Needs to be well-placed for a decent commute for both of us, even though we work in different cities.
  2. Location: No flood zones or fault lines.
  3. Structure: We must have a safe, well-fenced backyard for our dog.
  4. Structure: Needs to be pretty much move-in ready and will last for a while without any major repairs, meaning the roof, HVAC, water heater, etc. need to be in good condition.
  5. Other: We don't currently own any appliances, so either those need to be included or the price needs to leave room for us to purchase our own.
And there are a few things that we really want, but we might have to compromise on some of this just depending on what's available....
  1. Structure: A back patio or deck, preferably covered.
  2. Structure: A 3-car garage or a 2-car garage large enough for our two big vehicles + storage space for things like the lawnmower or bicycles.
  3. Structure: Single level.
  4. Location: Not too close to a school, hospital, or other high-traffic sort of thing.
The problem is that right now the real estate market in our area is a "seller's market" which means two things: (a) properties aren't staying in the open listings for very long at all -- it's a matter of days for most, and (b) there's not a whole lot of wiggle room on prices.

We're supposed to go and do our first viewings (and meet our agent in person for the first time) tomorrow afternoon.

Wish us luck!

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