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29 August 2015

Home sweet home...?

We bought a house!

It's been an adventure. We're first-time homeowners, and this is one of those situations where no matter how much you read on a subject you just can't be 100% prepared for all the stuff that will or can happen. The whole process has just been a roller coaster ride.

First, it’s a seller’s market out there – most homes won’t stay on the market for more than a few week if the price is fine, and many people are putting offers in on houses without ever even seeing them first. This, of course, drives up home prices… but at least interest rates on mortgage loans aren’t so bad right now. The house we chose did have at least one other offer – but we won!

Then we discovered that all of the accounts from one of our student loan companies were duplicated on our debt/liability report, making it look like we owed almost twice as much as we actually do. What a headache!

Then the appraisal didn’t match up with the price we agreed to on our contract. Turns out the house is about 300 square feet smaller than advertised! So we had to renegotiate the contract after we thought we had all of our ducks in a row.

There were a couple of other little stumbling blocks – paperwork missing dates, the sellers moving out of state earlier than expected, movers being far more expensive than we planned for, that sort of thing.

Everything turned out OK in the end, though.

Sneakers here, enjoying the new living room before the furniture arrived.

Our new home has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a big living room, and even an office space! It's a bit bigger than we thought we'd get. And it is right at the top of our price range, but it also came with appliances (which we would have had to buy since we didn't own the ones in our rental house) and is in spectacular shape -- the inspector only found a couple of little things that we'll have to address after moving in. It's in just the right location for us, too, and the surrounding neighborhood is decent.

We just closed on the house a couple of days ago. So now begins the moving process! Lots of unpacking and cleaning to do....

Thus begins our latest adventure. More details to come. :)

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