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02 October 2015

Blog Ahead 2015 Challenge

Blog Ahead 2015

I've decided to join the "Blog Ahead Challenge" hosted by the Herding Cats & Burning Soup + Caffeinated Book Reviewer blogs. Hit that cute logo up there for the official event post.

The goal: 31 posts written and scheduled by October 31.


Well, you know how you come up with cool ideas or funny thoughts while driving to work, watching a movie, taking a shower, walking the dog, or whatever? And you scramble to write them down on a napkin or crumpled up receipt or, worse, think you can just try to remember it? And then you toss out the scrap or completely forget about your idea by the time you're sitting down in front of your computer, completely out of ideas for your writing projects or blog?

Yeah, that happens to me a lot. Like A LOT a lot. So my hope is that doing this challenge will help me be more organized with my ideas and more prompt about actually getting them out in semi-coherent text form.

I'm going to concentrate mostly on book stuff, of course, but I might try posting about some other stuff... this blog isn't only a book blog, after all. There's plenty of space for food stuff, science stuff, library stuff, home stuff, etc.

Some of the posts I'll be writing -- probably about half, going by my current tentative plans -- will be for the blog portion my private family history website. I'll still keep track of them, but they won't be posted publicly. But they still count!

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