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01 October 2015

New Home, New Jobs

These past couple of months have been just a tad overwhelming.

First, our new house ....

It took about a month and a half of waiting and a mountain of paperwork and several sleepless nights to get here, but we're finally settled in and getting everything set up just right for us. There are lots of things we need to buy or fix or change, but this place is finally starting to feel like it's really ours.

Here's some more good news ....

Last month, while we were in the process of buying the aforementioned house, Gary was offered a better job at the museum. While he certainly enjoyed (and was very good at) his previous job, it was an hourly customer service position that required lots of energy and patience. His new position is salary, which is certainly nice, but more importantly he's getting to work with the actual artifacts and other back-end type of museum stuff.

Here's even more good news ....

I've started work at a new library. I'm now in the technical services department of a university library (a very nice one, though I'm not really comfortable going into too much detail about it). This is really kind of bittersweet, because I was truly sorry to leave my job at the public library. I enjoyed working there and I'll miss my coworkers and even some of the patrons (though definitely not some others). But when a big opportunity like this falls in your lap, you can't ignore it, can you? So I took that opportunity and now I'm settling in at the new place and learning lots of new stuff. It's exciting but a little bit exhausting, not gonna lie.

To be quite honest, I'm really hoping for a period of stability now. This past year has been absolutely bonkers -- a big car wreck followed by an unexpected promotion for me followed by a hoped-for promotion for my husband followed by a new house followed by another new job for me....

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for our recent good fortune, but I'm ready to sit back and enjoy life for a while!

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