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01 December 2015

The final countdown....

This last month of 2015 is now upon us! Time for a challenge check-in. How far away am I from my goals at this point?

TBR Pile Challenge:

How am I doing ... ?
As of today, I've read 10 out of 12 books for this challenge. My 10th review will be posted soon. I'm currently reading 1 of the last 2 books on my list and I might be on track to have this all finished up by the end of the month. (If I can even find the last book, which seems to have been misplaced in the move.)

Will I try again next year ... ?
Yes, definitely. This challenge as been a great way to force myself to actually read books that we already own, that I've been meaning to read for a long time. Unfortunately, Adam of Roof Beam Reader, the original host of this challenge, will not be able to host it again in 2016. So it looks like I might be flying solo for this one.

Foodies Read Challenge:

How am I doing ... ?
I've read 5 out of 5 books for this challenge! The 5th review will be posted soon (yes, it's a crossover book with the TBR Pile Challenge).

Will I try again next year ... ?
Maybe? Although I enjoyed doing this challenge, there are some other challenges and projects that I want to work on next year as well. However, Foodies Read is being taken over by a new leader with new ideas (and a shiny new logo!) and I'm tempted to go along with it for at least one more year.

Classics Club:

How am I doing ... ?
I've read 6 books out of 50 for this challenge. I read 2 of these in 2015, and I'm reading another one right now (a crossover with the TBR Pile Challenge). I obviously need to read more than 3 or 4 books a year if I want to make my goal by 2019!

Will I try again next year ... ?
Of course. I'm going to try to read at least 15 of these this year. If I can't, I'll really have to scramble to catch up in 2017 and 2018!

Quick note regarding something I posted several months ago about something I called the Dewey Decimal Project: It ain't happening.

I came up with that challenge while I was working at a public library. I had daily access to thousands of interesting-looking books on just about every subject imaginable. I now work in the back offices of a very subject-specific academic library. Although I don't regret this career move, it's just not going to be feasible for me to work on that project anymore.

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