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10 January 2016

Book Recommendations Series | The "Finding" Survey

This is the second part of a brief series of posts on book recommendations.
Let's talk about book talk. Specifically: how recommendations work, when they're welcome and when they're not, and how people feel about both getting and giving them.
These surveys will be available until the end of the month. I'll report back on my findings in February!

Today's survey is all about actively looking for book recs. Yesterday we looked at how you handle unsolicited recommendations -- today, I want to know how you actually seek out recommendations and what you do once you've found them.

Take this survey to tell me what you think, then see my own answers below and join the discussion in the comments.

Do you actively seek out book recommendations on a regular basis?

Yes! Some of the best books I've ever read have been handed to me by friends/teachers/librarians.

How do you find those recommendations?

Oh, all of the above I guess. When I was doing collection development for a public library I read A LOT of pre-pub material and ARCs, but now I'm focusing more on "personal" stuff like following authors on social media and just talking with friends about what they're reading lately.

What do you do with those recs once you've found them?

I have a huge TBR list on Goodreads. It's a little embarrassing TBH....

Do you keep track of who recommended any given book to you? If yes, how?

I haven't been keeping track of this at all! I didn't even know that Goodreads had a "Recommended by..." feature until recently when I noticed someone else using it. (It's hidden under "More details..." at the bottom of the Edit Review screen.)

- - -

Please feel free to share a link to this survey with other readers you know. The more people who take it, the more interesting the results!

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