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11 January 2016

Book Recommendations Series | The "Giving" Survey

This is the third and final part of a brief series of posts on book recommendations.
Let's talk about book talk. Specifically: how recommendations work, when they're welcome and when they're not, and how people feel about both getting and giving them.
These surveys will be available until the end of the month. I'll report back on my findings in February!

Today's survey is all about giving book recommendations to other people. You're presumably at least a little bit of a reader if you've followed along with my surveys so far, and most readers I know get positively evangelistic about their favorite books. Yes, I'm guilty of this too! So, I want to know all about your book rec methods.

Take this survey to tell me what you think, then see my own answers below and join the discussion in the comments.

How frequently do you think you recommend books to other people? This includes blog posts, social media discussions, etc.

My answer now is very different from what it was just one year ago when I worked at the public services desk at a library. Now... maybe once or twice a month?

Do you recommend books whenever you see an appropriate opportunity, or do you wait to be asked?

I like recommending books, but will only do so if I'm sure the person I'm talking to is a reader & I know their personality/preferences at least a bit.

Are you more likely to recommend a book to some people than others, or do you prefer a scattershot approach?

In real life, I usually rec books to close friends or family. Online, it's just whoever happens to be reading my little book rants, haha.

Do you expect people who've read something you recommend to discuss it with you afterwards?

Not really! If they really liked it I will happily talk about it with them, but otherwise I'm not expecting like a book report or anything....

How do you react if someone isn't interested in your recommendation?

Shrug and move on, my friend, shrug and move on.

How do you react if someone read something you recommended, but hated it?

It depends on the book. If I recommended it because I just really like the book and was sure they'd like it too, I'll be honest, that would be pretty disappointing.

Are there any books, series, or authors in particular that you just can't stop pushing at people?

It depends on the audience. For example, I have been trying to get my spouse to read The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch and just about anything by Brandon Sanderson for AGES.

- - -

Please feel free to share a link to this survey with other readers you know. The more people who take it, the more interesting the results!

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