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09 January 2016

Book Recommendations Series | The "Receiving" Survey

This is the first part of a brief series of posts on book recommendations.
Let's talk about book talk. Specifically: how recommendations work, when they're welcome and when they're not, and how people feel about both getting and giving them.
These surveys will be available until the end of the month. I'll report back on my findings in February!

Today's survey is all about receiving book recs. I know that some of us get random recommendations more often then others -- it really depends on your group of friends, your field of work, how active you are in the infinite bookternet -- but everyone will experience an unsolicited book rec at least a few times in their lives.

Take this survey to tell me what you think, then see my own answers below and join the discussion in the comments.

Do you like getting unsolicited book recs?

It depends on who the rec is from. I know I can trust the opinions of some friends, but when acquaintances or library patrons try to get me to read something I tend to ignore their advice because they hardly know me!

How do you respond when someone recommends a book that sounds appealing to you?

I add it to me "to-read" list on Goodreads. Even though the app is not actually that great, I do find it helpful for adding books to my TBR on the fly when something appeals and I'm nowhere near a computer.

How do you respond when someone recommends a book that does not sound appealing to you?

I'm kind of a chicken in social situations, so usually I just nod and smile and hope they never bring it up again.

Are you more likely to trust book recs from a specific person?

Yes, I have a couple of close friends with similar tastes to mine, AND there are a handful of book bloggers whose recommendations I really, really trust.

Has anyone who recommended a book to you ever asked you later what you thought about it?

Nope, actually, I can't think of a time that this has happened to me. Sometimes I read what they recommended and if I liked it I bring it up with them later, hoping for a nice conversation.

What do you say if you read a book someone recommended but you hated it?

I just tell them I hated it... not quite so bluntly as that, but I have to be honest! Sometimes people just don't enjoy the same books, and that's OK.

- - -

Please feel free to share a link to this survey with other readers you know. The more people who take it, the more interesting the results!

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