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03 January 2016

New Series: Backlist Love

Most book blogs I follow focus on reading either new releases and ARCs or books that fit some kind of theme, whether it's "classics" or all the titles from some list or other. Something I'd like to see more of? Backlist titles.

Don't get me wrong, I like reading about new stuff. And those folks who focus on a theme have produced some of the most thoughtful blog posts I've seen on in the bookternet.

But one thing I miss about working at the public library, about being able to walk down to a bookshop during my lunch break, or even being able to spend my lunchtime at the school library as a kid is that I don't really have that opportunity to serendipitously stumble across interesting titles that I would never have heard about otherwise. Some of my favorite books have come to me this way.

Rather than just sit around feeling bummed about it, I decided to "be the change" and do my own backlist-focused thing here at Lone Star on a Lark. So for the next year (maybe more?) I'll occasionally do features on some of the books that really grabbed me once upon a time, in hopes that maybe someone else out there will see something they think is worth reading, too.

Even though this isn't exactly a "challenge" I do have just a few rules to follow for this series:

  • The book must be at least 5 years old.
  • I will give priority to books that I actually own, though the series isn't necessarily limited to that.
  • Books that I've previously reviewed don't count.
  • Books that are on any challenge list (like Classics Club) don't count.

Since I'm focusing on books that my husband and I currently own, a lot of the titles I feature will be from the following categories:

  • History or biography
  • Science nonfiction
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • General fiction
  • YA
  • Children's fiction
  • Children's nonfiction

Some of these titles are already well-loved, even "classics" by some estimations. Others will be a little more obscure or forgotten by the general public after a brief stint in the spotlight.

Please note: Yes, I am aware that other websites and blogs have features with the name "Backlist Love" -- someone even uses this as their Twitter handle! I am not affiliated with any of those people, nor am I trying to steal their content.

Do you like to fit backlist books into your blog, too? Do you think it's important to share recommendations for older titles, or would you rather stick to the new stuff or a particular theme?

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