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07 March 2016

Trimming the ol' TBR list

This weekend was moderately eventful for us.

We went to a shell auction put on by a local conchology club, which was... well, actually kinda fun, even though I'm not a sheller myself. (My husband is the big mollusk fan in this family. I'm trying to convince him to let me post some of the lovely shell photos he's taken here on the blog.) We also did a bunch of housekeeping/gardening stuff, and I spent several hours trying to sort out our taxes.

I also spent a few hours sorting out my Goodreads shelves. I love Goodreads for organization and tracking purposes, but I think I've been abusing it a little bit lately. When I find a book that seems even vaguely interesting, I stick it on my virtual "to-read" shelf... and about half the time, I completely forget about it after that. The whole thing is getting out of hand, so this past weekend I sat down and did something about it!

Starting TBR count: 1140

Actually, before even getting to the to-read shelf, I spent a little time reorganizing all of my shelves. For example, I consolidated some country-specific shelf tags into regional tags. I changed the names of some shelf tags, too, like changing "religious" to "religion and spirituality" (just for clarification).

Then I went through the shelves with the most books on them and started weeding.

I started with some of the more highly populated shelves, like "biography" or "classics" with the intention of simultaneously cleaning them up and cleaning them out. For example, I had quite a few books shelved as biographies when in reality they were autobiographies or memoirs/journals, which I have separate shelves for. I also just had a lot of biographies that I'm not super gung-ho about reading at this point (if I ever was), so out they went.

Ending TBR count: 1040

Wow, 100 books knocked off of that stack! I didn't intend for it to be exactly 100 books, but I'm illogically pleased that it turned out that way.

Yeah, I can stand to lose WAY more than just 100 books from my TBR. For one thing, it includes a ton of YA books that I felt obligated to read when I was a teen librarian... and since that's no longer my job, keeping up with whatever is hot off the press or winning awards in that arena isn't something I'm worried about (but I am still interested as a casual YA reader). But when I started going through that YA to-read list, I got super overwhelmed and kinda shut down. So this is something that I still need to tackle!

What about you -- do you have to clean up your TBR list every once in a while? How do you keep track of what you want to read, and how do you keep it up to date?

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