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Who are you?
We're Gary and Louise, a couple of nerds from Texas.

Louise does most of the posting and maintenance around here. She thinks of herself as a misanthropic librariosaur (whatever that means). She pretends to have hobbies like knitting and cooking, but mostly she just wastes time reading or futzing around online.

Gary is Louise's spouse; he makes occasional appearances here. He works at a really cool science museum and he mostly likes to play all kinds of video games in his free time.

Why are you here?
This little corner of the Internet started out as just a fun little personal blog, and still sometimes functions as such. But lately most of the posts seem to be rambling book reviews, which may or may not actually be worth anyone's time.

Why am I here?
Only you know the answer to that! But since you're here, why not leave a quick comment or add us to your RSS reader? Yes, even if you don't know us in real life. We promise we won't bite.

A general collection of policies:
  • The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of our employers nor anyone else unless we explicitly say so.
  • We do not make any money through ads or affiliate links, nor do we accept sponsors or publish sponsored posts.
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Contact us via email at louise [at] lonestaronalark [dot] com, or through any of the social networks linked in the sidebar to the right.

Book Review Policy

I (Louise) like to read and write book reviews. Here's some relevant info:
  1. I will currently accept both print and digital (non-Kindle) copies of books for review. However, I do not accept books in exchange for the promise of a positive review; reviews are honest and only posted when I feel like a book is worth writing one for.
  2. Unsolicited review copies are welcome but do not take priority over requested or self-obtained titles. I am more likely to consider reviewing: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Nonfiction, and Historical Nonfiction genres for adults and teens. I am less likely to consider reviewing: Romance, Mystery, Political Nonfiction, and Religious Nonfiction genres, and books for young children.
  3. If a book featured in a review was not borrowed from a library or purchased for personal pleasure, I'll be sure to disclose that.